IMED delivers impactful training to develop high performing teams. Our team building training approach has proved to be very useful in developing new teams and reinvigorating the existing team to become more productive and focused. Our approach blends experiential and reflective learning and fun which enable participants to enhance the cohesiveness through open communication, development of trust, inter-dependence, building focus, and commitment to the shared vision.

Supervisory Skills Course

Supervisory management entails both doing and supervising organizational teams successfully. With the growth of increasingly decentralized organizations, supervisors' skill sets are changing and growing in versatility and complexity. IMED’s approach to delivering learning experience in supervisory management blends experiential and reflective learning to enable participants to develop competencies on a real-time basis. Our program provides options for on-site and remote mentoring and coaching to ensure learners are sufficiently developed to their roles.

Leadership & Management Program

Over the last decade, IMED has gained extensive expertise in designing and promoting the transition of mid-career professionals to strategic managerial and leadership positions. This program offers an exciting, stimulating, and immersive learning experience for mid-level managers to develop their professional potential as leaders. The program is also delivered with a mix of classroom, on-site, off-site, mentoring, and coaching experience. It covers several areas that can be adapted to the needs and background of a particular organization.

Customer Experience & Relationship Management

The IMED customer experience and relationship management course help organizations to acquire skills to develop an exciting customer experience and building lasting relationship with their clients. The course is structured to allow participants to provide exceptional service levels to both internal and external customers. It aims to improve participants' product and service awareness, influence, communicate effectively and attain emotional stability. It covers several areas that can be adapted to the needs and background of a particular organization.

Retirement planning & Financial Wellness

The transition from employment can be stressful and challenging for many people. This training helps employees recognize the opportunities and challenges that come with retirement, and to make the family, social, psychological, financial, and health management adjustments required to live a fulfilling life in retirement. Among others, the training guides employees on how to achieve financial security through effective money management - saving, investing, budgeting, building a portfolio of personal assets, avoiding bad loans, and living within one’s means. Participants also identify business opportunities appropriate for them and develop pertinent skills and plans for starting and operating businesses. With these key skills, our participants complete the training looking forward to retirement.

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Managers are responsible for managing organizational resources, and each of their decision directly affects financial performance. The training is designed to enable non-financial managers to understand how the decisions they make affect financial performance of their organizations including being able to interpret financial statements. This course is designed to empower managers who are not finance specialists with the skills required to use financial information and data in making decisions.

Digital Literacy

Digital literacy training takes many forms depending on the clients’ need – ranging from advanced training to enable participants to develop intermediate or advanced skills in the use of specific digital tools (e.g. excel, word, access, etc.), to be better prepared to handle privacy, security and assessing the credibility of information or a digital environment. It enables the participant become effective in the use of technology for maximum productivity. information and data in making decisions.

Marketing and Selling Skills

Our marketing and selling skills program aims to up skill early career, medium, and even top performers to become more effective in marketing and selling. This is done by instilling a strong marketing and sales mindset and equipping them with the tools and skills they need to enhance the person-to-person connection and hence gain loyal consumers. A variant of the training entails empowering managers to develop, deploy, supervise, motivate and appraise a high performing Salesforce.

Human Resources Management

Our human resources training courses aim to have motivated and engaged employees who understand that when they do a good job, it is first and foremost for their benefits. We design customized short courses to address any of the common human resources skills including talent management, recruitment, and selection, effective supervision, compensation, performance appraisal, training, strategy, and planning, needs assessment, employee engagement and retention, and disciplinary procedures.

Development and delivery of Customer Service and Project Management workshop for MultiChoice Tanzania Staff.


Development and delivery of Effective communication training workshop to union leaders

Development and delivery of Team building workshop for staff  


Training of staff on selling skills

Team building facilitation for staff



Development and delivery of Entrepreneurship, Financial Wellness and Retirement Planning workshop for staff

Team building facilitation

Development and delivery of Entrepreneurship, Financial Wellness and Retirement Planning workshop for staff

Development and delivery of Customer Excellence and Time management workshop for staff 

Designed and delivered a program of entrepreneurship and personal financial skills for upcountry TCC employees

Training of staff on inventory management

Development and delivery of Entrepreneurship, Financial Wellness and Retirement Planning workshop

Development and delivery of Entrepreneurship, Financial wellness and retirement planning workshop

Needs assessment for a branch managers certification program

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