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Services Offered

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IMED offers the following services in any of the key areas of competence:

  • Short term training, both open and tailor made. The training offered include;
-    Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial management
-    Corporate governance  
-    Leadership and management
-    Attitude change & change management
-    Customer service
-    Project Management
-    Project monitoring and evaluation
-    Marketing skills
-    Marketing of micro-finance services
-    Building and sustaining Competitive advantage
-    Business planning
-    Strategic Planning
-    Time Management
-    Team Building
-    Micro-financing
-    Human resource management
-    Youth entrepreneurship
-    Retirement Programme  
-    Succession Planning
-    Social marketing etc
  • Consultancy in the areas of management, organizational design, developing human resource manuals, project management, entrepreneurship development, policy advocacy, strategic planning, business planning, marketing strategies, product development, micro-financing etc.
  • Contract research  
  • Project Management
  • Investment Services
  • Career development services
  • Business counsellings
  • Event facilitation services
  • Micro-finance services